Thursday, 9 February 2017


BusinessObjects Design Studio enables application designers to create analysis applications and dashboards for browsers and mobile devices (iPads, for example). These applications can be created easily and intuitively without the need for native HTML and iPad UI programming skills.
Besides analysis applications, application designers can also create planning applications that support both manual and automated data entry and changes to data.
With SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio, dashboards evolved as mainstream. Executives now have access to an enterprise-class, scalable, and high-performance platform that renders rich and powerful visualizations.
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you can easily create complex dashboards using Design Studio. Our training course is designed to give application designers the skills to create analysis applications and dashboards – based on different data sources, for both desktop and mobile devices.

SAP BO Design Studio Online Training Details

BusinessObjects Design Studio Boot Camp

Introduction to Design Studio
Data Sources
UI Components
Data bound Components
Scripting using BIAL
Formatting using CSS
Mobile deployment
Design Considerations
Visualization Best Practices
Design Studio templates


Using Personalization and Bookmarking
Leverage Online Composition as part of your dashboard
Integrating geographic data
Parallel process and background processing of data sources
Working with Real Time data
Using Global Variables
Using Global Scripts
Troubleshooting steps

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Thursday, 2 May 2013

SAP BI BO 4.0 Online Training

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  • History of SAP BO
  • What is SAP BO
  • Feature of using BO
  • Modules description
  • Bo XI administration & enterprise architecture
  • Creating folders, users and groups
  • Publishing and configuring content
  • Scheduling
  • Designer interface
  • Simple universe creation
  • Objects & classes
  • Joins
  • Loops & contexts
  • Hierarchy
  • Semantic layer
  • Create and maintain universe
  • What is web intelligence?
  • Features of BOs Web Intelligence
  • Creating and editing web intelligence documents
  • Building prompt filters and quires
  • Inserting and formatting tables & charts
  • Organizing data in report
  • Difference between web intelligence and desktop intelligence
  • Business view xi administrator
  • Introduction to business views
  • Business views architecture
  • Quick start creating a business view
  • Using the business view manager
  • Managing the BO enterprise repository
  • Creating data connections
  • Creating dynamic connections
  • Managing data foundations
  • Managing business elements
  • Dynamic prompts and cascading lists of values
  • Managing business views
  • Business views security concepts
  • Introduction to Desktop intelligence XI
  • What is new in DI XI
  • Designing a sample DI report
  • Filtering and storing data
  • Using charts
  • Slice and dice drill option
  • Creating reports
  • Selecting records
  • Organizing data on reports
  • Formatting & section formatting
  • Creating basic and complex formulas
  • Using variables and arrays
  • Using report templates
  • Applying conditional reporting
  • Building parameterized and specialized reports
  • Summarizing data with cross tabs
  • Using report sections
  • Representing data visually
  • Managing reports
  • Distributing reports
  • Using repository and repository data sources
  • Report processing

Sunday, 25 March 2012

SAP BO 4.0 Project Support


My Profile:
·         I have 8+ years of exclusive experience in into Business Objects 4.0/XI 3.1 SP3 (Reporting)and SAP BODS (ETL).
·         I have extensively worked on different live projects for various clients.
·         I have completed 10 batches online trainings and 90% of trainees placed in to different organization in USA and UK
·         I have completed 5 batches of class room training in Bangalore location
 Features of course:
·         Course curriculum is based on SAP standards.
·         Training will base on real-time Projects on which I worked.
·         Training will cover both functional and technical aspects of BO.
·         Complete training Material.
·         Resume and interview preparation.
·         Any time access to faculty for guidance.
·         On job support.
·         Through online training you can attend training from anywhere in world.
·         90% of students from previous batches got placements.

SAP BI BO 4.0 Online Training

Contact Details

SAP BO and SAP BODS (ETL Tool) course content

Oracle (Basics)
Universe Designer
Information Designer Tool(BO 4.0 )
Desktop Intelligence (Basic)
Desktop Intelligence (Advanced)
Web-Intelligence (INFOVIEW)/BI launch pad 4.0
Web-Intelligence Rich Client XI 3.1/4.0
BO Administration (CMC)
Crystal Xcelsius Dashboard
Integration with SAP BI – BO (OLAP Universe)
One Real Time project explanation (End to End)
New features of SAP Business Objects 4.0
SAP BODS (ETL Tool) Basics